Cod £22/kg
Salmon £25/kg
Sea bass £32/kg

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We place the selection of the fish we sell in the hands of our trusted and cheerful fishmonger, Steven. He sources his fish from the Grimsby Fish Market every week – a market championed for its quality fresh fish.

We deliver our locally sourced, fresh, line-caught fish on Wednesdays. We can offer you cod, seabass, and salmon delivered by the kilo or 500g bundles.

If you would like to order something not listed here, we would be happy to accommodate you. Please contact us at

500g £11
1kg £22

£12.50 500g
£25 for 1kg

Sea bass
500g £16
1kg £32

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Cod 500g, Cod 1kg, Salmon 500g, Salmon1kg, Sea bass 500g, Sea bass 1kg