The healing properties of honey have been relied on for millennia. Even today honey is still being used as an anti-microbial wound dressing and a healthy and natural alternative to processed sugars.

Zulfi, Miriam and Ruben, our father-mother-and-son beekeeper super team, have been sourcing local raw honey for years. Learning beekeeping in the scenic slopes of Nuristan from his father and grandfather, Zulfi has adapted his cultural inheritance to the milder climes of Southern England.

Each batch of their honey is truly unique with slight differences in consistency, colour and flavour depending on the season and movement of our bees. It is triple filtered the old-fashioned way to ensure a fresh, stable and pure product. What’s more, the honey you will receive is guaranteed to have been harvested within two days of your order.

With a collection of hives across Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and London, look no further than the Farmer’s Hamper for truly local, fresh, pure and raw honey.

“Honeycomb, pollen and propolis available on request”.

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