About Us

About Farmer’s Hamper

As NHS staff on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic, we struggled to find the fresh produce needed to keep our young family and elderly relatives healthy during lockdown – reaching guiltily for nutritionally negligible convenience foods instead.

Though the coronavirus crisis has made the issue more apparent, as healthcare staff we’ve always been frustrated by how difficult it’s become to find good old-fashioned food at affordable prices; wonky fruit and veg straight from the farm, creamy milk direct from the dairy and just-risen bread from the bakery – looking and tasting how nature intended.

At the height of lockdown in the UK, Farmer’s Hamper was born from a desire to connect quality local suppliers with hungry local families, combatting health inequality by giving everyone the same access to nutritious foods (costs are comparable to big-name supermarkets, with guaranteed next-day delivery on us).

From the 89-year old risking his health in long supermarket queues to shift workers unable to secure delivery slots to fit their lifestyles, we bring everyday people the items they need, whenever they need them – a reliable, consistent service that individuals and families can depend on.

From high quality fresh fruit and veg to store cupboard essentials, from handmade honey to milk from an old-fashioned dairy, we’ve sourced our produce from small businesses and local suppliers, all of whom were badly affected by COVID-19.

Shopping with us is an easy way to protect the health and finances of your family while helping to rebuild and support the livelihoods of people like you and me (rather than lining the pockets of global corporations).

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